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Founded in Manchester, England in 1937, Baracuta is a historical British apparel brand. Over the years, the brand has established itself as a style icon: its iconic G9 and G4 jackets have been worn by music and film celebrities across the world, golf legends and members of youth subcultures, including mods, punks and britpop artists. In 2014 Baracuta was relaunched by 460 West Broadway, improving the quality and design and taking the brand back to its origins.

In 1904, Isaac Spiewak started manufacturing handmade sheep-skin vests for stevedores on the Brooklyn waterfront. Today, more than a century later, the company that Isaac began in working class Brooklyn endures as an iconic outfitter of utilitarian clothing for today. Trusted by the soldiers of WWI, WWII, police, firefighters and first responders for generations, Spiewak embraces its heritage while also looking forward to the future. Launching a new chapter in it’s history, the Spiewak icon endures.

BD Baggies, the classic American button-down shirt brand, is now a collection that has been completely modernized in terms of concept, style and product. According to legend, the origin of B.D. Baggies dates back to 1919. In this year a young man named Bradford Dexter Bagg, discovered a trunk full of his father’s old clothes, including a lot of beautiful shirts, that he decided to wear immediately. All Bradford’s friends at school admired his new wardrobe and soon those shirts with that air of being “lived in”, were called B.D. Baggies in honour of the first person to wear them